Azaran Faza Nama Company

"Azaran Faza Nama" is the name of group of industrial factories that manufacture construction decorative materials. Azaran Faza Nama factories are involved in manufacturing two different kinds of decorative construction materials as follows:    
1- First group manufactures PVC products under COBOA brand name.
2- Second group manufactures partitions and office furniture under AFN brand name.   

Azaran Faza Nama was founded over 10 years ago and since then, its business has been expanding continually. Azaran Faza Nama possesses a 10000 square meter factory in Iran.  The factory comprises of 6 production salons equipped with state of the art machinery and equipment. The factory employs latest technology in the world in manufacturing its products. The company employs over 200 highly skilled and trained employees. The company is customer oriented and its mission is to provide highest quality of service to its customers. 
The company sincerely believes that customer is the most valuable asset of a company and in order to protect and preserve customers’ investments in its products, continually strides in enhancing its products’ quality by incorporating highest technology in the world in manufacturing them. The company has demonstrated its capabilities in manufacturing decorative construction materials by securing certificates of compliance with requirements of many international standards for its products and winning over 50 national prizes for manufacturing unique decorative construction materials in Iran and being designated as role model manufacturer of such products in Iran. Being a pioneer in the industry, is one of the principle missions of this company. 

Azaran Faza Nama manufactures its PVC Products under the following brand names: 

COBOA  Tiles

High quality, diversity of color and design, high quality customer service, and respecting customers’ rights has made this company a very reputable, reliable and sustainable company with regard to manufacturing PVC Products in Iran and abroad. 

Azaran Faza Nama always endeavors to come up with innovations in the industry. COBOA+  tile is one of its innovations. Azaran Faza Nama is the patent owner of the said product with exclusive right to manufacture it in Iran. Azaran Faza Nama Company always endeavors to bring innovations to the industry by making continual research and development. Quality, creativity and innovation have always been top agenda in Azaran Faza Nama Company. 
The department that is in charge of designing COBOA utilizes Iranian designers and architects that not only design the COBOA Products, but provide consultation to customers as to how decorate their place of residence or work. One of the tasks of the said department is providing 3D images of how home or office would look like if COBOA PVC Products were used.  In order to provide high quality service to customers, and in order to accomplish the projects perfectly, experienced installers of the company install COBOA Products under direct supervision of company’s inspectors at customers’ premises. Installing the products in immaculate conditions, offering the best type of product warranty, and offering the best type of installation warranty, paves the road for Azaran Faza Nama Company to accomplish its objective to be pioneer in offering highest quality of products, installation and services in the industry. 
Azaran Faza Nama Company is proud of starting its second decade of business by making quality, customer orientation, sustainability and customer service as top priorities in company’s activities. 

By exporting COBOA PVC Products to other countries in Asia, Africa and South America, COBOA PVC Products have started proudly competing with high quality European products in the international market. It goes without saying that innovation and creativity have played important role in success of COBOA PVC Products in the international market. 

COBOA PVC products are divided into the following categories : 

1- Panels : 

White plain panels without coating
Imprinted panels
Coated panels (double pane or triple pane)
PVC panels with velvet coating
Panels with hot stamp coating

2- 60*60 PVC Drop Ceiling Tiles : 

White plain tiles
Printed tiles
Acoustic tiles ( Drop ceiling tiles ) 
Velvet tiles
Hot stamp tiles 

3- PVC Tools : 

4- Tile’s Grid making tools :

PVC Panels :

Double Layer PVC Panels :

PVC stand for poly vinyl chloride which is a thermoplastic polymer with multiple applications in modern construction technology. PVC is a proper replacement for traditional construction materials. PVC applications have come to light due to desire to make buildings more energy efficient, lighter and more beautiful. 

COBOA coated panels come in various colors and designs with applications in covering ceilings and interior walls. The said panels are the best choice for residential, office, commercial and industrial interior walls. They can be used for covering unsmooth or plaster walls. 
COBOA PVC wall covers are best replacement for multi-layer wood wall covers.  
COBOA PVC wall covers have the following characteristics: 
- Long useful life
- Great amount of saving due to no need of repair and maintenance / or renovation of old walls. 
COBOA PVC wall covers are flexible. They can be placed on walls either horizontally or vertically or at any desired angle. They can be easily mounted on top of various types of surfaces even ceramic tiles. 

3 Layer COBOA Plus PVC Panels : 

COBOA Plus is derived from the name of double layer PVC panels of Azaran Faza Nama Company, except one additional layer that is added to it. Therefore, word plus stands for that additional layer. 
The only thing that distinguishes COBOA from COBOA Plus is the thickness of the panel due to one additional layer that is utilized in manufacturing COBOA Plus. Generally speaking, COBOA is double layer and COBOA plus is triple layer. Otherwise, their outside appearance is identical. Experiments carried out by engineers of The Building Research and Development Institute reveal the fact that COBOA Plus (triple layer panels) has functioned better in saving energy, absorbing sound, and absorbing impacts in compare to double layer panels. 
With respect to energy savings, the test results indicate that three layer panels can save you 49 % more energy in compare to double layer panels. 
With respect to sound proofing, the test results indicate that three layer panels can prevent 32 % more sounds from passing through walls in compare to double layer panels.  
With respect to absorbing impacts, the test results indicate that three layer panels can absorb 30 % more impacts in compare to double layer panels.  

Eco-Pan PVC Panels :

The word Eco- Pan is derived from Economic Panel which is manufactured by Azaran Faza Nama Company. In order to satisfy customers with different tastes, the Azaran Faza Nama Company embarked in producing Eco – Pans that weighs relatively less than COBOA and COBOA plus panels. As its name implies, the said panel is more economical in compare to the two previously explained panels; but its quality and facade are identical to them. The cover used in manufacturing the said panel is a high quality cover.  The only things that distinguish the Eco-Pan panels from the other two are its weight and thickness. Eco- Pan Panel is 8 mm thick, 20 cm wide and 6 m long and is manufactured in 80 different colors and designs. 

Imprinted COBOA PVC Panels :

This type of panel has no coating and its design is directly imprinted on it. In order to protect the printed design, it is sealed with a UV layer of lacquer. Lacquer not only protects the imprinted design, but shines the panel which plays important role in its beauty. Diversity of designs, colors, water proofing, and cost saving features of this product have made this product one of the most popular and high selling item of Azaran Faza Nama Company. 

PVC Panels with Velvet Cover :

PVC Panels with Velvet Cover are 20 cm wide and 6 m long. They are covered with a layer of velvet. The velvet cover not only makes the appearance of the product very attractive, but makes it sound proof as well. 
Azaran Faza Nama Company is the patent owner of the aforementioned panels and has the exclusive right to manufacture them. 

Hot Stamped PVC Panels : 

Hot stamping is a dry printing method of lithography in which pre dried ink or foils are transferred to a surface at high temperatures. In this process, first PVC tiles are stamped with Zinc based design and subsequently covered with a film to protect it. When you look at the tile from different angles, you will see different colors (seven shining color).  

Hot Stamped PVC Panels and dropped ceiling tiles come in various designs and colors with affordable prices.
Hot Stamped PVC Panels and dropped ceiling tiles have the following features: 

They function as an excellent insulator 
They are acid and alkaline resistance 
They are non-flammable
They are impact resistance
They are washable
PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles (60*60 cm) : 

Square shaped PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tile is the most popular type of tiles used in dropped ceilings. They are 60 cm *60 cm and 8 mm thick. 
In order to use PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles, first its infrastructure must be built. The infrastructure is a grid of interlocked aluminum or galvanized tees with each opening 60*60 cm. Subsequently, the tiles must be placed in each hole. One of the great advantages of this system is its easy installation. 
PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles are 100% water proof and ideal for humid locations. The PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles make it very easy for you to access cables and plumbing system hidden behind it. They come in various designs and colors and make it possible for you to install lightings or porthole in the ceiling. It is possible to combine PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles with other types of tiles in carrying out projects. 

PVC Eco – Tile Dropped Ceiling Tiles (60*60 cm) : 

The word Eco- Tile is derived from Economic Tile, which is manufactured by Azaran Faza Nama Company. The Eco- Tile is 60X60 cm and 7 mm thick. As its name implies, the said tile is more economical in compare to COBOA Tile; but its quality and facade are identical to COBOA Tile. 

Acoustic Dropped Ceiling Tiles (60*60 cm) : 

One of the rampant problems in the society and industrial sector is noise pollution. Noise insulators made by modern technology can provide comfort for you at place of residence or work. Todays, not only noise insulators have applications in industrial sector, but office and home as well. In many industrial nations, in assessing value of a property, heat and noise insulators’ types are taken into account. In this regard, using noise insulators is the best method of reducing noise pollution.

COBOA Acoustic tile is a product which is exclusively manufactured by Azaran Faza Nama Company. The tile is manufactured with various holes on its upper layer to absorb or reduce (significantly) sound waves. The said tile is 60X60 cm and either 7 or 8 mm thickness. 

Velvet Covered Dropped Ceiling Tiles :

The tile is 60*60 cm and either 7 or 8 mm thick. A velvet layer is added to it exterior layer for aesthetic purposes and making the space below it acoustic. 

Hot Stamped Dropped Ceiling Tiles :

The tile is 60*60 cm and either 7 or 8 mm thick. The tile is made of PVC. Alike Hot Stamp PVC Panels, its exterior surface is covered by a zinc based design which is placed on it by hot stamping process and subsequently covered by a film. As the view angle changes, the tile’s color changes to seven shining colors. 

PVC Accessories : 

Indeed, by applying PVC accessories, tiles are set next to each other neatly. PVC accessories enhance project’s beauty and strength. 
Some PVC accessories are listed below: 

1- PVC corners / PVC edge 
2- Stationary or foldable corners
3- F tools 
4- H tools 
5- Cornice trim
6- Duct trim
7- Tile chasis tools 

Why should you choose COBOA? 

We care about our esteemed customers!
We pay attention to project’s details (responsibly). 
We follow you project with due diligence in all stages of consultation, registration of order, manufacturing, sale, installation and after sale services. 
We pay particular attention to customer’s needs, taste and reflections. In carrying out the project we take into consideration various factors that impact the project’s outcome.  After analyzing the said factors, we come up with innovative solutions for traditional, modern, industrial, cultural, and sport spaces. 
We manufacture our products by utilizing state of the art machinery, equipment and latest technologies in the world. Our ideology is to manufacture unique products. 
When shopping at our stores, we provide friendly, happy and comfortable environment for our customers. Our intention is to make purchase transaction a lasting memory for our customers.