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PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles

Square shaped PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tile is the most popular type of tiles used in dropped ceilings. They are 60 cm *60 cm and 8 mm thick.

In order to use PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles, first its infrastructure must be built. The infrastructure is a grid of interlocked aluminum or galvanized tees with each opening 60*60 cm. Subsequently, the tiles must be placed in each hole. One of the great advantages of this system is its easy installation.

PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles are 100% water proof and ideal for humid locations. The PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles make it very easy for you to access cables and plumbing system hidden behind it. They come in various designs and colors and make it possible for you to install lightings or porthole in the ceiling. It is possible to combine PVC COBOA Dropped Ceiling Tiles with other types of tiles in carrying out projects. 

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