wall coverings

PVC stand for poly vinyl chloride which is a thermoplastic polymer with multiple applications in modern construction technology. PVC is a proper replacement for traditional construction materials. PVC applications have come to light due to desire to make buildings more energy efficient, lighter and more beautiful.

COBOA coated panels come in various colors and designs with applications in covering ceilings and interior walls. The said panels are the best choice for residential, office, commercial and industrial interior walls. They can be used for covering unsmooth or plaster walls.

COBOA PVC wall covers are best replacement for multi-layer wood wall covers. 

COBOA PVC wall covers have the following characteristics:

-         Long useful life

-         Great amount of saving due to no need of repair and maintenance / or renovation of old walls.

COBOA PVC wall covers are flexible. They can be placed on walls either horizontally or vertically or at any desired angle. They can be easily mounted on top of various types of surfaces even ceramic tiles.

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