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False floor

False floors are divided into four categories of application:

  -  False-floor to cover the Installations.

  - False floor for installing floor heating and reducing moisture.

 - False floor to Decrease the weight of the building.

Advantages of false floor:

Ease and accelerate access to all building Installations by easy lifting of any false floor panels.

Elimination of  Installations engineering problems and design at every stage of operation.

Possibility of making changes  in the shortest possible time and shortening the time of completion of the project.

Reduce construction costs than traditional construction.

Reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance.

All Installations can be moved to the desired location and can be collected and reinstalled.

Azaran Fazanama Industrial Group is a manufacturer and provider of all kinds of false floor. Azaran Fazanama Co.  manufactures this product in a variety of sizes and genres and distributes nationwide.  

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