Understanding our costumer and being responsible for any possible risks have encouraged us to base our strategic policies on manufacturing building products with maximum quality. In this regard, we have always sought the guidance and consultancy of professional designers and experienced experts while always pursuing the best kind of services.

Guarantee is not a cliché or an advertising virtue to us. Our statistics show that the majority of our new costumers find us through the recommendation of our loyal clients. Therefore, our endeavor for gaining our costumers content is based on hard facts. Today, being in our 2nd decade of working, the Azaran Faza nama company has provided insurance for all of its products while insuring them for 10 years.

What our Guarantee consists of:

Our products are divided in two sections of Coboa, PVC profiles, and AFN’s office furniture, which are guaranteed for 10 years as follows:

                   1-      Deformation of profiles during installation

                   2-      Discoloration of products including fading or slow disappearing    of colors 

                   3-      Bumps or peeling in the Veneer coverings

Guarantee is limited for the following cases:

                   1-      When AFN or Coboa products are installed by a third party, who was out of our company’s control.

                   2-      When our exported goods are sold overseas and are not possible to access by the sellers.

The following cases are not guaranteed; however, to protect our customers, we do offer special insurance plans if they are willing to purchase:

                   1-      Physical damages done to Coboa or AFN products at the installation site during the insurance period.

                   2-      Firing, exposing the products to UV rays for a long period or high temperatures.

                   3-      Exposing the products to all types of Chemical solvents such as Acids, Stickers, and Benzoen family.

Costumer Complaints:

Handling the desires, requirements, and complaints of our clients, during the guarantee period and after it, is one of our core concepts at Azaran Faza Nama company. Our respected customers can communicate with any of our head managers using either this email address: info@azaran.com, or call directly at: 009821-8399 and dialing 5 to be connected directly to the management department.