Manufacture of facade panels

Azaran Fazanama Co. as one of the largest manufacturers of all kinds of decorative construction products, has produced a special facade panel of  PVC under Nortem  Canadian license.

Nortem panels are made of high quality UPVC material using a co-extrusion method. The rigid outer layer is UV resistant and is a guarantee for high durability. This products are resistant to rotting and to infestation by insects, they have low- maintenance levels and save the troublesome task of repanting.  Pvc boards could applied horizontally or vertically. The contours of the profiles and the wood- graining of the facing convey the optical impression of a traditional wooden shiplap. Clad Board, combined with fittings which are coordinated with and appropriate to the profile, are optimally suited to the fabrication of curtain- type, rear- ventilated façade. Insulating material in any thichness can be integrated into the system. There is thus no difficulty in complying with the latest standards of energy saving requirements.