"Azaran Faza Nama" is the name of group of industrial factories that manufacture construction decorative materials. Azaran Faza Nama factories are involved in manufacturing two different kinds of decorative construction materials as follows:   

1-      First group manufactures PVC products under COBOA brand name.

2-      Second group manufactures partitions and office furniture under AFN brand name.  

Azaran Faza Nama was founded over 10 years ago and since then, its business has been expanding continually. Azaran Faza Nama possesses a 10000 square meter factory in Iran.  The factory comprises of 6 production salons equipped with state of the art machinery and equipment. The factory employs latest technology in the world in manufacturing its products. The company employs over 200 highly skilled and trained employees. The company is customer oriented and its mission is to provide highest quality of service to its customers.

The company sincerely believes that customer is the most valuable asset of a company and in order to protect and preserve customers’ investments in its products, continually strides in enhancing its products’ quality by incorporating highest technology in the world in manufacturing them. The company has demonstrated its capabilities in manufacturing decorative construction materials by securing certificates of compliance with requirements of many international standards for its products and winning over 50 national prizes for manufacturing unique decorative construction materials in Iran and being designated as role model manufacturer of such products in Iran. Being a pioneer in the industry, is one of the principle missions of this company.

Azaran Fazandamma has stepped beyond the boundaries and by exporting its products to Asian, African and South American countries, Iranian products have proudly competed with high-standard European products and have distinguished themselves from other Iranian brands in this field of innovation and creativity. , Known and credible in international markets.   

Azaran Faza Nama Company is proud of starting its second decade of business by making quality, customer orientation, sustainability and customer service as top priorities in company’s activities.

Introducing Collection Brands of Azaran Fazanama:

Azaran Faza Nama manufactures its PVC Products under the following brand names:


     COBOA Plus

     COBOA  Tiles

High quality, diversity of color and design, high quality customer service, and respecting customers’ rights has made this company a very reputable, reliable and sustainable company with regard to manufacturing PVC Products in Iran and abroad.

Azaran Faza Nama always endeavors to come up with innovations in the industry. COBOA+  tile is one of its innovations. Azaran Faza Nama is the patent owner of the said product with exclusive right to manufacture it in Iran. Azaran Faza Nama Company always endeavors to bring innovations to the industry by making continual research and development. Quality, creativity and innovation have always been top agenda in Azaran Faza Nama Company. Visit www.coboaplus.com for more information on Coba products.


At the moment, AFN with possession of the best European machinery available, Capables of producing high-circulation products. Using the best available materials and quality assemblies is one of the executive orders in the AFN production unit. For more information, visit www.afn-furniture.com and www.afn-co.com.

Customers Azaran Fazanama:

- Government agencies and institutions

- private companies

- Hospitals and clinics

- Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

- Hotels and sports complexes