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Our commitment to secure satisfaction of our customers and feeling responsible to compensate for any eventual damages incurred to them, has made us, from the very beginning, to produce top quality products. Towards this goal, we have always sought consultation, guidance and collaborationof expert designers and have, at all times, aimed at rendering the best possible services to our customers.

Concept of warranty, from our point of view, is not just a cliché or commercial advertisement.

Records will show that majority of projects given to FazaNama Company, have been referred to us by satisfied customers. Realizing this fact has given us the incentive to extend duration of our warranty after completion of projects.

Today, in our second decade of professional activities, AzaranFazaNama utilizes services of major insurance undertakers and hence is able to guarantee craft and workmanship of its products for a period of ten years.

Terms of Warranty   

We guarantee our products under two separate sections, which include Coboa (PVC Sections) and office furniture, for a period of ten yearsand compensate damages for the following items :

 Any deformation of the finished product shape or that of sections after installation.

Color fading, including chipping, , or  gradual discoloration.

Bubbling, or peeling of vinyl veneers.

Limited Warranties

Following terms constitute our limited warranty:

1-Installation of “Coboa” and “AFN”products by unqualified technicians not commissioned by our suppliers.

2- Exported items, inspection of which are beyond the reach of our suppliers in Iran.

Following items remain outside of AzaranFazaNama scope of warranty, however in order to accommodate our customers, and upon their request, the company can provide third party liability insurance to compensate for :

Physical damages to “Coboa” and “AFN” products such as scratches and breakage atinstalled locations for the period indicated in terms of the insurance policy.

 Fire, Ultraviolet Rays, and exposure to high temperatures for prolonged periods of time. 

 Exposure to chemical thinners such as acids, alkaline, and benzine compounds.