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Coboa plus

The name “Coboa Plus” has been derived from the name of “AzaranFazaNama’s PVC Panels.

Plus stands for the third layer.

In general, the difference between Coboa Plus and the rest of the PVC panels available in the Iranian market stems from the fact that the later consist of only two while Coboa Plus has three layers.

Residing in large cities full of noise and other pollutions as well as inherent waste of heating and cooling energies during various seasons of the year provided us, from the founding of this company, the incentive to find scientific and at the same time economical solutions to tackle the peculiarities of our country’s environment. 

After years of effort and at a considerable cost of research, this company was the first manufacturer of three layer PVC insulated panels in the world substantiating our capabilities and technical know-how and hence we were able to register our invention as the first manufacturer of three layer PVC panels offered to the public.

Office furniture of “AzaranFazaNama” company, abbreviated as “AFN” present a unique and comprehensive example of creativity, aestheticsand beauty, are produced in twelve sets of various designs.

The unique difference between these and other products available in the market has attracted attention of architects and other knowledgeableclients.

Placement of this combination side by side, which include a two layer partition section called “Queen” , “AFN-Rimadzive” solid glass door, and Solid Color Desks, render attractive elements, up to a point where, this combination has often been used in International Trade Fairs receiving numerous design awards.